How to Fix restore your cars trim bumpers cheap DIY

How To Fix Restore Your Cars Bumpers & Trim (DIY)

So you want to fix your faded and greyed out car trim & bumpers at home without a heat gun or use of special bumper products that don’t work. This easy process will last years and the results can take lots of abuse. This is the absolute best way I came up with to restore your old cars plastics. Nothing else I tried ever came close. This is quick, fast, cheap and very easy to do. I’ve done entire cars bumpers and trim in an hour or less and the results are fantastic. I have been doing it this way for years now and its always turned out great.

First you will need a few products. You can order them online or find them locally.
NOTE: Must be these exact products. Others do not work well. I’ve tried all kinds and these are the best.

1 Roll of Painters or General masking tape: Link –>
1 Can of Clear Adhesion Promoter Primer: Link –>
1 Can of Black Flat Pro Industrial Enamel: Link –>
1 Bottle of Pure Carnauba wax: Link –>


2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport PictureThis car, an old 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport, is for a soon-to-be college student. It will be our patient for this example project. When done I should have this thing looking nearly new for next to nothing.

A neighbor saw me doing this process and could not believe the results. Said it looks brand new and is going to do it to his older car next weekend.





STEP 1: Tape off areas to be restored

DIY Faded Car Trim Fix repairLets just work on that very faded side panel trim. Here’s a close up to show just how greyed and washed out it is.

Take your roll of masking or painters tape and mask the trim you plan on restoring. General neatness does not count too much here but make sure you use 2-inch tape or simply overlap 1-inch tape when masking.





STEP 2: Spray on a coat of Adhesion Promoter

Adhesion Promoter BottleThis step is critical. Without it your results will not be worth the time. This product will cut through the grim and chemically etch the plastic, creating a nice porous surface for the paint to grab on to. Do NOT skip this step.

Simply spray on one nice heavy coat and let it stand for about 2 minutes. Neatness does not count here. Just hit all the cars trim.





STEP 3: Spray On The Industrial Enamel

Painted Car Trim DIY FIX

One good coat is all you’ll need. More coats will not make too much of a difference. Simply spay on the enamel in nice even strokes. It may look blotchy as it dries and you may be tempted to go at it again. Don’t. Just leave it for five minutes then peel off the masking tape.







STEP 4: Seal and Finish with Pure Wax

DIY Bumper and trim Fix Restoring colorThis is essential. It MUST be pure carnuaba wax. No specialty waxes or sealers can be used. No cleaners. Just wax. The wax levels out the paint and protects the paints finish. Once done, your trim or bumper will look like factory new. You can take a power washer to it (Watch my crappy video below) and it will not effect it at all. After the carnuaba wax you can clean and polish your car, trim and bumper as you normally would. The trim is sealed and nothing will move it going forward. Over-spray? A little rubbing compound should remove it for you.

Bumpers I’ve done 3 years ago still shine with a deep rich black. Besides, this takes all of 20 minutes to do. If you need to touch up in the future, you have the materials and can have it done in minutes.







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